Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Introducing Perseus Jackson (Percy)

When I was 9 years old, I witnessed a pet dog being hit with a metal chain for barking. I was horrified and could only hold back my tears. I was terrified that if I spoke up, the metal chains would be used on me too.  The poor dog was yelping and howling in pain! That incident has been etched in my memory. It has probably spurred me to do what I can for the injured and defenceless animals I meet.  I don't think there is any justification for abuse of any kind. Bad! (Wags finger)
Introducing Perseus Jackson!  (Percy)
Green-grey eyes, blackish-gray fur, too big eyes, a stump for a leg, half a paw,  now healing paw and a single good leg.  Meows too much. Lounges on the sofa while papa (my hubby) isn't around.
My little furry friend is back after a month's stay at the vet. My daughter has named him Percy Jackson, after a fictional character and the hero of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. My daughter is a huge, huge fan of Rick's books.
Daughter -Percabeth!! To all fangirls out there.
I am somewhat relieved that Percy is back with me. He brings joy into the house! At least the boarding and dressing charges have stopped running. Most importantly, I'm happy with the progress little Percy has made. We've managed to save his hind leg, hurray!!! His hind leg still requires a daily change of dressing as the tissues are still raw. It will probably take about another month to completely heal. Only a month! Is that not good news? (trumpets blow)

Throughout this period, I've been in constant communication with the vet and his staff. I'm a regular visitor there, imposing myself on the vet even on public holidays, entering through the back door. I tried to make it a point to hold little Percy and put him on my lap for 10 to 15 minutes each time. I believe animals need to feel loved and cared for, just like we do. More so, a stray kitten.

Since he has only a stump and barely a paw for his front legs, he cannot be let out into the streets anymore. He wouldn't be able to survive. For the time being, he's become a member of my family. He is a special, special little kitten. A gentle and loving soul, a strong spirit and a true survivor. The vet and staff have all commended him on his gentle temperament. My daughter, too has commented that his eyes are like huge orbs of light. He has our love already.